Ruti Tamir
Theater & Mime
רותי תמיר
תיאטרון ופנטומימה
Puz's Book of Records | 2020

Based on David Grossman's book -
"Puz's Book of Records".

For ages 3-8.

Written and directed by: Ruti Tamir

Produced by: the Mediatheque Theater, Israel.

A clownish, comic, physical theater play for two actors,
about two brothers, competition, deep jealousy, lots of lies,
a great big of love and finally a sweet apology.
Sticky | Acres Theater Festival | 2013

A short, comic absurdist, physical theater
creation, for six actors and six chairs.

Six characters seated on chairs are afraid to move,
make a change in their lives. Afraid to let go, afraid of
the unknown, the unfamiliar. Will they dare change
places? And if a change will arrive, will it bring peace
or shall they just start the whole story from the start?
All this and more in Sticky.

Actors of Nurit Katzir Center for Theater: Or Habusha,
Tal Habusha, Hadar Abarbanel, Elat Montigue,
Neta Tal, Yael Nadal.   Sound: Avi Binyamin.
Jerusalem, Israel.
The Elevator | Acres Theater Festival | 2012

A group of strangers finds itself locked in a stuck
elevator in a large office building. There is no exit.
In the elevator are a little girl away from her mom,
an anxious business man, a flirtatious secretary,
a woman in an advanced stage of pregnancy and
a frightened job interviewee. What will they do and
how will they react? An anxious ride in a tight cabin,
into the depths of breathless spirit.

Performing: Aviram Arad, Nadav Duanni,
                      Shani Hamtzani, Yulia Fabrichev,
                      Nitai Alexander, Lital Liron.
Sound: Yoni Tal.
A winter's Tale | 2008

Actors: Haderech School for Theater.
Costumes: Michal Sagie.
Set design: Ruti Tamir.   Sound: Ariel Barns.
Givatyim, Israel.
A Mid Summer Nights Dream | 2006

Actors: Theater Department Alon High School.
Costumes: Michal Sagie.   Set design: Ruti Tamir
Ramat Hasharon, Israel.
Circus | Living Statues' Festival,
Rehovot | 2014

Third place winner of the professional competition.

With the Nurit Katzir Theater center actors.
Directed by: Ruti Tamir
Painting: Anmary Bernfeld.
© Ruti Tamir 2015