Ruti Tamir
Theater & Mime
רותי תמיר
תיאטרון ופנטומימה
 "Four Fables and a Queen" 

 Four fables wrapped in a story, for ages 6-120 
 This internationally acclimed show 
 is available for performances! 

A play in mime and in words
for eight aninmals and one queen

What happens when a Queen-Judge
loses her reflection in the mirror one day?

What happens to the animals who come seeking her help?
Will the queen ever see herself in the mirror again?
Will the animals ever stop bickering?
All the answers and more await in “Four Fables and A Queen”
 The award winning Living Statue "Circus" 
 has been performing since 2014,
 In Israel and abroad!  

With the Nurit Katzir Theater center actors.
Directed by: Ruti Tamir
Painting: Anmary Bernfeld
 Mime at the Shabazi Circus continues! 
 The next Mime workshop will take place 

 January 5,6,7  
 January 19,20,21 
 February 3.4 

 For details contact Roni at: 

This workshop follows the Marcel Marceau grammer
and technique, timing, illusion, mime acting
and creating mime stories for stage.
Participants work in solo and in groups.
Classes invclude warm up, technique and improvisation.
This workshop is for actors, dancers, clowns, puppetiers
and anyone who wants to study this beautiful art form.
 "A Visitor For Bear" 
 based on the books by Bonny Becker, 
 has won the 
Best Play of 2020 by Assitej Israel. 
 Produced by the Mediatheque Theater 
 "Where's Gogo?" 

 The latest hit show for children ages 4-120 
A funny, clownish, quirky mesmerizing show, without (almost ) any words,
About searching, hoping and finding 
The unique Gogo, that is inside of you.

Sat. July 30th at 11:00
Tzavta Theatre
 "Puz's Book Of Records" 
 Based on David Grossman's book 

 Produced by the Mediatheque Theater 

Actors: Kfir Levi, Yehonatan Bason