Ruti Tamir
Theater & Mime
רותי תמיר
תיאטרון ופנטומימה
Four Fables and a Queen | 2012

Four stories wrapped in a story: A comic creation in
words and mime for eight aninmals and one queen.

What happens when a Queen-Judge loses her reflection in the
mirror one day?
What happens to the animals who come seeking her help?
Will the queen ever see herself in the mirror again?
Will the animals ever stop bickering?
All the answers and more await in “Four Fables and A Queen” 

Ages: 6-10.
Actress: Ruti Tamir (playing 9 characters).
Voice over: Bobby Lax.
Artistic advisor: Pnina Gery
Costumes: Michal Sagie.
Set: Yuval Kedem - Galileo.
Original music: Alberto Shwartz.
 "Classic minimalism. Tamir, the actress and creator, does not need to lean on a thing when she is on stage, bewitching audiences big and small. With high level text and virtuous mime, Tamir shows there is no need for multimedia and special effects. When you have a good story and know how to tell it-it simply works" Mako online arts website 

“Tamir has created a magical world of imagination, an hour of thought, a dialouge of the mind. One actress, four fables and a captivated audience. True respect for the young and for adults, creating a high quality artistic performance”. Saloona Womens’ web site
“Tamir shifts from the Queen to the eight animals with striking, facinating fluency. Audiences get to experience the art of Mime and physical theater that is not very common, in a top quality
theater performance". 
“Gallery”, Haaretz national newspaper

“A performance that respects its audience. Tamir is a virtuoso, a superb, brilliant actress, who created a glorious show". Music for young Adults

Beyond Words | 2011

A performance about the point in pantomime.
A comic, poetic, moving performance of mime,
combining comedy and drama, virtuoso movement
and acting, esthetics and whimsical imagination.
An evening of short stories without words, with words
and all that exists beyond the words.

Costumes: Michal Sagie.   Set: Ruti Tamir.
"High Quality, a captivating evening of mime.
Tamir is Extreemly talanted and fine in her work. A moving,
touching performance".

The Epoch Times, Israel

"The work is precise, clean, powerfull and emotional".
Tzomet Hasharon

"A super performance! Interesting, varied, highly recommended!".
Miri Krimolowsky, Reshet Beit, Israeli radio

"The audience came out of the performance excited and exhilarated, after a morning of mime and theater we have not seen in a long,
long time".   
Yad Le’Banim, Raanana
Book, Woman, Home | 2010

A literary creation following Nobel prize winning
author Shai Agnon’s characters.

Agnon’s life story  is woven into the lives of his
charaters, coming alive on stage: Tehila, A Simple
story, Shira are a few of the stories played out in this

Love, pain, humor and wit, Agnon’s writings are
celebrated in an evening of literature, language
​and theater.

Set: Yuval Kedem - Galileo.   Sound: Yoni Tal.

"An impressive evening".

"A magical evening that shall remain with us for a very long time".
Ein Anaziv Kibbutz

"Highly recommended for all who seek and love the arts and culture.
Tamir is an iImmensely gifted actress with loads of charisma and charm".

Mishmar Haemek Kibbutz
Mime Here

Ages 4-8.
A mime show with audience participation.

A mysterious guest arrives from a country where
everything is done in mime.
She shares with the children this wonderful form of
expression through performance and mime games.
This show is filled with imagination, humor and music.

A moving, physical, inspiring experience for young
The Heads | 2004

A serious comedy about an existence with no exit.
Two heads, wearing archaic helmets, are peering out
of the seat of an old, dilapidated sofa. They are A' and
B', former soldiers from an unknown army and today
neither here nor there. They pass the time playing
games with each other, dreaming, reminiscing,
planning, fighting and making up.
They hold on to the impossible reality of their lives,
insisting on remaining heroes in their own minds.
In the background are songs from Israel's
quintessential army songs and hymns.

Written and performed by: Ruti Tamir, Ofra Hoffman.
Directing and dramaturgy: Eyal Nachmias.
Set: Rami Dekel.   Hats: Yehudit Grinshpan.
"A fantastically impressive visual effect is displayed as lights come up on The Heads, a sort of an Israeli tribute to Samuel Becket.
Tamir and Hoffman, are superb as the two heads, literally trapped in the sofa, bickering, cracking jokes, making up, diving into nostalgia".

The City

"A thought provoking, captivating, highly original play. In the background are sounds of patriotic songs and gun fights suggesting possibly
a local, relevant context, yet first and foremost this is an esthetic, original theatrical experience".

The Observer

"Engaging, funny and touching, The Heads is a must see".
Stage Online

"The Heads is a creative, original, thought provoking play. Tamir and Hoffman perform an exact, virtuous array of expression and emotion, with only their heads peeping from the sofa, mesmerizing the audience".
Haaretz, Arts review
Mimaneto | 2004

A classical, French style mime performance,
Composed of different stories, characters and
situations ranging in theme from the absurd to the
abstract, Accompanied by music, masks and props.
Bliss! | 2002

A whimsical physical comic-tragedy.

An absurd comedy in movement and (a few) words
A surreal duet for a woman and a doll, about longing
and love.

She has fulfilled her dream and is crazy in love.
He is quiet and introspective.
Not involved in the above.

Created and performed by: Ruti Tamir
Artistic advisor: Ze’ev Kalati.   Costumes: Iris Naiis.
Doll: Ruti Tamir.   Set: Diti Ofek.   Sound: Yuval Havkin.
"Tamir is an independent theater creator, with loads of talent, emotion, captivating physical abilities and imagination".
Merav Yudilovitz, Ynet

"Tamir has a hypnotizing and funny affect . With her sharp abilities as a mime, dancer and acting, she presents an original,
comic discussion about the subject of love".

Maariv (National newspaper, Israel)

In BLISS! , Ms. Tamir weaves with much talent a unique story of emotions, in  the most fantastic way".
DIG, Hamburg, Germany

"An excellent performance. A level of performance one does not see much of nowaday".
The Stage website, Israel

"BLISS! creates an original, wild and cartoon like, yet realistic manifest of the fear of being alone.
Tamir, an enormously charismatic performer, is extremely funny and engaging at the same time".

Nava Zukerman, Artistic Director, Tmuna Theater
Bobby & Goony | 1999

Ages 4-9.
A magical play for children in movement and in words.
A comic, colorful, visual , moving show about old
neighbors and new friendships. Blue Bobby and Yellow
Goony live in the same nieghborhood, but feel that
they are very different from each other. In the midst of
everyday tasks, they find the way to learn about each
other and become good friends.

Written, designed and directed by: Ruti Tamir
Actors: Gavriel Hadar, Ruti Tamir.
Music: Yuval Havkin.
Set: Peter Gudanov, Rami Dekel.
Props: Anat Chen.
Costumes: Hadas Gertman.
"A wonderful show! The children were thrilled, laughed and cheered.
The ideas and the lessons in the play were effective as well as emotionally moving".

Phillips Center, Tibirias

“Bobby and Goony represents all that should exist  in a play for children.
Clever, positive, funny. The kids were simply thrilled watching this show!".

Dimona Cultural Center

"A fabulous show! Hughly detailed, moving, superb performance. The soft, colorful set pieces creat a magical, gentle feel. Top Quality".
Holon center for child development
Boxing | 1997

A physical theater performance about
falling and rising up again.

A comic absurdist, visual, hyper, clownish creation In
14.5 scenes combining text, dance and modern mime.

Created and directed by: Ruti Tamir.
Co-created and performed by:
Fabrice Avno, Beat Vought, Ruti Tamir.
Sound: Leon Spooner, Michael Visbard.
Costumes and props: Arlequino, Ruti Tamir.